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How to Book Wheelchair Assistance in Air Canada?

You have done your booking but don’t know how to book wheelchair assistance? Then, you are here for the right information. This blog by FlyoStudio will help you find the best and easiest way to book wheelchair assistance. For more detailed information, you can call +1-844-414-9223.

Contact the Air Canada Customer Support Team

You can call 1 (888) 247-2262 or 1 (844) 414-9223 Air Canada customer care supports to book your wheelchair assistance. They will help you in booking the preferred wheelchair. It is also important that you book your wheelchair assistance within 48 hours so that the airport facility can arrange better options for you through the Air Canada wheelchair assistance Phone Number. Apart from wheelchair allocation, they also provide you a complete assistance fright from the airport to the check-in point. You can also book the wheelchair for the flight journey itself in order to navigate your personal tasks.

Online Wheelchair Booking

You can book your wheelchair assistance at the official website of Air Canada. You can select your type of service or assistance at the Special Assistance section. You can also provide information about the different locations where you require assistance.

At The Airport

You can book wheelchair assistance at the airport itself. You will be provided instant wheelchair assistance by the staff of Air Canada. If you want to know more about the facility, there will be an assistant at the airport to guide you through everything about wheelchair assistance.

How much does Wheelchair Assistance Cost from Air Canada?

Wheelchair assistance cost from Air Canada might not get any charges for wheelchair assistance. In case, you want to bring your own wheelchair, make sure that it is compatible with the airplane. However, if it is not compatible with the Air Canada plane, the staff member will provide you with a new chair free of cost. 

The Air Canada wheelchair assistant crew will be available at the airport once you request the wheelchair. Here’s how they will assist you throughout the airport and boarding.

  • You will be assisted throughout the airport such as to/from, the aircraft entrance.
  • They will also help you to move between the airplane seat and your wheelchair or other mobility services.
  • They will bring you to the airport washroom entrance in a wheelchair. However, there will be no assistance inside the washroom.
  • They will bring you to the designated boarding waiting area near the gate and update you regularly.
  • There are elevator and ramp facilities in the airport to easily reach the aircraft for specially-abled people.
  • It is advisable to reach the airport prior to other passengers to navigate the floor easily and you will experience less crowd around you.

If you still want more information on How to Book a wheelchair in Air Canada, you can visit the FlyoStudio or call +1-844-414-9223.

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