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Is it Better to Fly Delta or Alaska?

There are many aspects of Alaska Airlines that set it apart from Delta, but there are also many similarities. These two airlines have remarkably similar underlying beliefs, despite the fact that they might not openly acknowledge it. Now this page by Flyostudio provides you with sufficient information on which airline should you choose for your next flight and what benefits come along the way of your decision.

Minute History of both the airlines (Delta or Alaska)

The majority of people are unaware of this, yet Alaska Airlines dates all the way back to 1932. Linious "Mac" McGee, who has the best airline founding name ever, proudly named his company after him (McGee Airways). After it had been solidly established, he started offering service between Bristol Bay and Anchorage.

Only seven years before Alaska Airlines, Delta Air Lines was founded. The carrier was established in Macon, Georgia, as a crop-dusting business when it was first introduced in 1925 under the name Huff Daland Dusters. In 1928, the company changed its name to "Delta Air Service," and in 1929, passenger service started. It was a wise decision, given that the company is now among the biggest in the world.

Similarities Between Alaska and Delta

Seattle and Los Angeles are both their focus cities. Both airlines have codeshare agreements with a wide range of other airlines. Both airlines are engaged in vigorous competition to be the dominant carrier in Seattle. Most importantly, both airlines consistently receive high ratings from customers.

The Major Differences Between the two: Alaska Airlines vs Delta

Despite concentrating mostly on the eastern portion of the country, Delta has excellent coverage everywhere. Alaska Airlines continues to prioritize the west but is slowly expanding eastward.

  • Oneworld Alliance members include Alaska Airlines. Delta is a member of SkyTeam, and it has a vast transnational network that reaches almost everywhere in the world.
  • Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, and Belize are the only international destinations Alaska Airlines flies to; Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, and Salt Lake City are Delta's main hubs. Seattle is the main hub for Alaska.
  • The majority of Alaska Airlines' fleet comprises Boeing 737s. There are a few Airbus aircraft in their fleet, however, they will shortly be retired. In contrast, Delta's fleet has a wide variety of aircraft, including many Boeing and Airbus models. Making the competition of Delta vs Alaska all the more inevitable.

Alaska Airlines Seats

The seats on Alaska Airlines are among the best in the industry, in my opinion. The chairs they utilize in their most recent cabin configurations look beautiful, they are pretty roomy, and they are constantly clean.

Delta Airlines Seats

Simply said, when it comes to the caliber of their airplane interiors, Delta is the best in the US. No matter what class of seat you are in, there will be a video screen at your location. Legroom is also fairly nice.

Thus this round of Alaska Airlines vs Delta goes to Delta.

Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan

In the US, Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan is perhaps the most generous and user-friendly. You can earn points in a manner that is fairly similar to that of other airlines. The primary distinction is that you can find award availability extremely easily and that you'll never be left with unused points.

Delta Airlines SkyMiles Plan

When using SkyMiles to get discounts on domestic flights, they are a great bargain. This is crucial since Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines are being compared.

Utilizing SkyMiles to book domestic flights within the United States on Delta is relatively simple and frequently offers excellent value. A one-way economy seat award normally costs 25,000 SkyMiles. However, it happens frequently that they run sales, bringing the cost down to as little as 15,000 SkyMiles. Simply because of its incredible value, joining the SkyMiles program is worthwhile.

Alaska Airlines Baggage Fees

$35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag for checked baggage.

  • Choice of seat (on Saver fares): Variable.
  • Change charge: 0 (excluding Saver fares).

Delta Baggage Fees

$35 for the first bag and $45 for the second bag for checked baggage.

  • On basic economy rates, the choice of seat varies.
  • There is no change cost for domestic or international flights departing from the United States (excluding basic economy fares).


When to Choose Alaska Airlines?

If you live on the West Coast and most of your travel is to locations in the western portion of the United States, choose Alaska Airlines. If you also want to be a member of an airline loyalty program that is easy to use and has a ton of outstanding award availability. Boeing 737s are your favorite. Because it will be the only service Alaska Airlines offers in a few years.

When to Choose Delta Airlines?

Choose Delta if you prefer traveling on an airline with a highly dense network of flights, want a television screen at every seat, want a huge multinational airline that can carry you anywhere in the world, or any combination of those three things that could be to your benefit in situations of flight delays and cancellations.

For more details into both of the airlines to decide the winner of Alaska Airlines vs Delta, you can contact us at Flyostudio at any time of the day as we are available for you 24*7.

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