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How to Select Seat on Frontier Airlines?

Selecting your seat is a very important part of your flight experience, and Frontier Airlines offers exactly that with a range of options to make sure that you are satisfied with seat selecting decision. In this guide, we will guide you through the process of selecting your Frontier seat, from booking your flight to online check-in. Explore the various seat types available, including Standard, Stretch, and Elite options, and learn all relevant details through this blog by FlyoStudio.

Can I Choose my Seats on Frontier Airlines Flights?

When you book your flight, whether you're doing it directly through Frontier Airlines' website or using a booking platform, you will be able to pick your preferred Frontier seat. If you did not select a seat during booking or want to change it later, don't worry! You can easily do so during online Frontier check-in, which usually opens up 24 hours before your flight takes off. During this time, you will also have the opportunity to choose from any available free seats.

Frontier Airlines also offers Stretch and Elite seating options for passengers looking for extra legroom and added comfort. While these seats come with an extra fee, they're worth it for a more comfortable flight experience. If you have specific seating needs, like traveling with a companion or requiring special accommodations, it is a good idea to book your Frontier tickets together and let Frontier know about your preferences during booking or online check-in.

How Can you Choose your Seats on Frontier Airlines?

Selecting seats on Frontier Airlines is as easy as it can get through this guide:

  • Visit the Frontier Airlines official website using your preferred web browser.
  • Look for the "manage booking" section on the homepage and click on it.
  • Log in using your last name and booking confirmation number to access your ticket details.
  • Once logged in, click on the manage booking button to review your flight tickets.
  • You will be able to see a list of available Frontier seats for your flight, then choose the ones that suit you best.
  • After selecting your seats, you will be redirected to the payments page if there's a fee associated with your choice.
  • Complete the payment process to confirm your Frontier Airlines seat selection.

Also, you can also choose your seats during the booking process or while checking in for your flight using the manage booking service. You also have the option to call Frontier at +1 (801) 401-9000 or +1-844-414-9223 (for no waiting time).

How much does Frontier Airlines Charge for Seats?

Frontier Airlines has a flexible fee structure for selecting seats, which can vary depending on factors like the specific route and where the seat is located on the plane. Generally, seats towards the front or in exit rows tend to have higher fees compared to those towards the back. The Frontier Airlines seat selection fees can range from $8 to $45 per seat for each part of your journey. For the most accurate information about seat selection fees, it's best to check Frontier Airlines' official website or get in touch with Frontier customer service directly.

Another perk to note is that passengers with elite status with Frontier Airlines don't have to pay seat fees and can choose Standard seats without any extra charges. This is a nice bonus for frequent flyers who have shown loyalty to the airline over time. So, if you are planning to fly with Frontier Airlines and want to select your seats, make sure to explore your options and take advantage of any benefits you may be eligible for.

Regardless of your decision to go for a Standard seat or indulge in the added comfort of Stretch or Elite seating, Frontier Airlines through FlyoStudio makes sure that your journey is comfortable with the freedom to choose your own seats.

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