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How to Fly with a Baby on Frontier Airlines?

One of the most well-known airlines that a large number of people use every day to get to their destinations is Frontier Airlines. Many passengers occasionally travel with their young children or newborns. While booking the flight, they are still filled with many uncertainties. If you're unsure of the Frontier infant policies and you're going to travel anywhere with your kids soon, you should carefully read the information presented below in the form of questions. This blog by FlyoStudio will guide on everything about Frontier Airlines infant policy.

What is Frontier Airlines Infant Policy?

Once you are aware of the airline's infant policies in advance, flying with a baby becomes easier, and it enables you to peacefully plan your vacation. Knowing what you can bring with your infant and what services are available on board or at the airport just works to your benefit. The following are the guidelines for the Frontier lap infant policy:

  • Newborn to 7-days infants cannot be permitted for travel on any Frontier Airlines flight.
  • Infants between the age of 8 days to 23 months can travel with Frontier Airlines but they need to have companions with them and the companion must be the age of 15 or above.
  • As per Frontier Airlines infant policy, an infant can be added to the reservation while the initial booking is on the name of the adult passenger. There can only be one infant allowed on one adult passenger.
  • An infant can be carried on the lap throughout the flight or they can opt for a separate seat for the infant for a fee. Adults that are traveling with infants must sit at a window seat as there are 2 oxygen masks provided above these selected seats.
  • Each passenger is allowed to hold only one lap child on Frontier Airlines. A ticket must be purchased for a second infant who must be secured in a car seat having a separate seat.
  • Passengers that are traveling with infants on lap, may not sit on any seat that has an airbag seatbelt installed.
  • Two adults with two lap children cannot sit on the same side of a row because there are only four oxygen masks per every three seats.
  • Travelers are only required to pay the entire ticket for that particular return journey if an infant turns 2 years old prior to that flight.
  • If an infant reaches the age of 2
  • Travelers must pay the entire ticket for just that return flight if an infant turns 2 years old before that flight.

How do I add my baby to my Frontier Airlines flight?

Frontier Airlines provides ways to add infants to Frontier Airlines flights easily and in no time.

Chat with Frontier Airlines

You can add infants with Frontier Airlines flights just by visiting the official website Frontier Airlines. Now, you can open the “Chat” to get connected with one of the representatives of Frontier Airlines. You can tell them to add an infant to Frontier Airlines flight and they will do it within just a few steps.

Book Infant Seat via Phone Call

You can add your infant to Frontier Airlines just by calling the Frontier Airlines customer care service. It is possible that you have to pay some charges to add the Frontier Airlines infant seat.

So, if you are planning to fly with your kids with Frontier Airlines, you need not to worry as you are now educated with the complete Frontier Airlines infant policy and you can easily navigate through the booking process. For more information on travel, and airlines, you can explore the site of FlyoStudio.

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