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How to Contact a Lost and Found Air France?

It can be daunting for you to end up in a situation like this. Losing your baggage can mess up with all your plans but there is also a solution to that. If you want to know more about your lost baggage in Air France, you can contact customer service at the airport or you can call them at

Is there a lost and found department for Air France?

Yes, there is a legit Air France lost and found department. There is Air France baggage dispute office that establishes a Property Irregularity Report through which you can claim your lost luggage. They will also be able to track the status of your lost luggage.

How do I contact a lost and found Air France?

  • Visit Online Website
  • First of all, go to their official website named https://wwws.airfrance.us which is one of the ways to contact Air France lost and found.
  • Now, choose the Information section. And report to the authority by filling up the lost baggage form.
  • Go to Air France Baggage Office
  • If you found that one of the items in your baggage is missing, you need to contact to Air France baggage office, tell them about your queries and get the possible solutions for that.
  • Once you convey your message, there will be a statement of irregularity be issued and a claim number will be given to you. It is important that you keep your claim number lose to you in order to track the progress of your compensation request.

In case your arrival airport is Paris-Charles de Gaulle or Paris-Orly, you would need to fill out the complaint letter which will be given by one of the staff members of the airport authority. Now, the letter will be sent to the local authorities of the particular region.

How long does Air France hold lost and found?

It is most important that you keep the Property Irregularity Report safe with you. However, Montreal Agreement gives a period of 2 years to claim your lost baggage before it goes out of date. Also, you can get the official Air France Lost and Found phone number on their official website in order to get detailed information. It’s also advisable that you never lose touch between you and Air France authority to get regular updates on your lost baggage.

If you still want more information on Air France's Lost and Found Baggage, you can contact FlyoStudio at +1-844-414-9223.

FAQs for Air France Lost and Found

Air France runs according to the Montreal Convention that ensures the lost baggage will be considered lost if it is not returned or found in 21 days.
You can claim expenses on clothing or hygiene products and expenses on travel by taxi.
It will depend on the type of luggage and details that you were traveling with. However, it is important that you will be able to describe all the content in your lost luggage so that they can easily provide you with the claim.
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