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How to Contact a Lost and Found Turkish Airlines?

Whether or not you have lost your baggage, you must adhere to the Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Policy. This will help you become aware of the unpredictable situation and get help and sort out your problem as soon as possible. Below is detailed information on Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Policy which will clear all your queries about it.

How Do I Contact a Lost and Found Turkish Airlines?

You can file a Delayed/Lost Baggage Complaint. Here’s how you can do it:

You must immediately make a complaint with the airport's Missing and Found Office or Turkish Airlines' Lost and Found Office/Lost Property Office if your checked bag is delayed or missing. You must submit an online complaint using the Baggage Irregularity Report website if you have already departed the airport.

You must immediately get in touch with the airport's Lost Property Office or fill out the Forgotten Item Form on the luggage Irregularity Report if you have left an unchecked luggage item on the aircraft or in a lounge

Points to be Noted:

  • Make sure to tightly pack your goods at all times to provide complete protection.
  • If the things in your luggage are lost because the zippers, straps, or belts are broken, you will not be eligible for lost baggage reimbursement.

Turkish Airlines lost and found office will not take responsibility for the loss unless the damage was brought on by staff negligence if your luggage is accidentally taken away by another passenger and damaged as a result, or if any other issues arise after your luggage has been placed on the conveyor.

Is there a Lost & Found Department in Turkish Airlines?

Yes, there is a well-organized Turkish Airlines lost and found department.  If you have lost your luggage or it got delayed by the authorities, you can contact at Turkish Airlines Lost and Found Office at the airports or the Ground Services Company's Lost and Found Office.

How Long Does Turkish Airlines Hold Lost and Found?

Your baggage will be tracked by Turkish Airlines’ staff deployed in your route which you have traveled during the first 5 days. The search will be operated under the International Baggage Tracking Systems. However, most baggage is identified within 24 hours and delivered to the passengers as soon as possible.

There is a rare case in which unwanted delays may happen due to some operational reasons from Turkish Airlines itself. In case you want to know detailed information, you can call Turkish Airlines lost and found phone number which you can find on the official website of Turkish Airlines.

How to Claim for Turkish Airlines Reimbursement?

You must submit an application to Turkish Airlines Lost and Found at the airport or the airport's Lost and Found Office or online via the baggage disruption notification and tracking portal in order to request reimbursement. To log in, enter your last name and reference number, complete the form, and upload legitimate copies of the invoices for any purchases you made as a result of the delay, together with your credit card slip, etc., to demonstrate that you were charged for those costs.

You must submit a written application for reimbursement of charges within 21 days of receiving your luggage because submissions submitted after this time frame won't be taken into account.

You must submit an application if your delayed baggage arrives in poor shape or is missing things. Also, TurkishAirlines must receive your claim within 7 days of the delivery of your luggage; otherwise, you will not be entitled to reimbursement.

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